the color lab | Workshops
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Light and color

Relationship between light and color.

Color theory in light.

Color theory in matter.

Relationship between color theory in light and color theory in matter.

Saturation, brightness and intensity.

Drawing with light.

The shadows.

Refraction of light.

Different types of lighting.

Opacity and translucency.

Stop Motion / Slow exposure

Painting with light.

Art in motion.

Stop Motion basics.

Capturing the movement.

Creating conceptual spaces.

Stage lighting.

Effects of fusioning different artistic disciplines.

The possibilities of matter

Shape and volume.

States of matter.

Features of matter; textures, hardness, flexibility, opacity, conductivity …

Artistic possibilities of matter.

Mixing and combinating different disciplines and matters.

Sound and Visual chromatisms

Parallelisms between sound chromatisms and visual chromatisms.

Experimentation of sound.

Visualization of sound.

Chromatic chords, hue, contrast and color ranges.

Chromatisms and emotions.

Effects of fusioning and combining of different artistic disciplines.

Focusing and Team-Creating dynamics

How ideas are born and grown?

The way from the idea to the reality.

Co creating dynamics.

Testing. The failures are a necessary part of success.

Logistics and ressources.

Creativity as one of the most powerfull tool for Working in team.

Spontaneous role distribuition.